New Offerings - 28 Knotless Hip Length and Instrumentation

Parcus Medical™ is pleased to announce the addition of several new products to the Knotless PEEK CF family, including the hip length 28 Knotless and related instruments. The 28 Knotless and other Parcus™ push-in PEEK CF suture anchors not only provide a step-saving alternative to conventional suture anchors, but also eliminate the "knot stacks" that can be associated with soft tissue irritation and impingement. 

Download a copy of the Knotless Solutions for the Hip Flyer for other key feature information!


Welcome to Parcus

Parcus Medical LLC manufactures and distributes suture anchors, interference screws and ACL graft fixation accessories and instruments for orthopedic procedures using a B2B approach. Low cost manufacturing and direct to customer distribution yields considerable cost savings.

Aligned with the Ambulatory Surgery Center’s mission, we want to be a part of the solution in helping ASC stakeholders provide patient friendly, quality healthcare in today’s cost conscious environment. Our FDA registered facility in Sarasota, Florida manufactures suture anchors, interference screws and related instrumentation for orthopedic surgeons.

Parcus, the Latin word for economical, was born from the drive for innovation and creativity while remaining mindful of the need for efficiency and flexibility. At Parcus, surgical innovation is value driven.

PEEK CF Advantage Brochure

Parcus Catalog: Implants and Instruments for Soft Tissue Repair Rotator Cuff and ACL surgery techniques

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