Medial perforation of the glenoid neck following SLAP repair places the suprascapular nerve at risk: a cadaveric study.

Although suprascapular nerve injury after SLAP (superior labrum anterior to posterior) repair has rarely been reported, the direction of anchor insertion is toward the suprascapular nerve. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the risk of suprascapular nerve injury during the drilling and anchor insertion for anterior SLAP repair.
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Low-Cost Orthopedic Devices, Without the Sales Pitch

Smaller firms are emerging in response to demand for cheaper alternatives to pricey implants. 
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Low-Cost Orthopedic Device Firms Aim to Shake-Up Market

As pressure builds to restrain U.S. health costs, small companies are surfacing to offer steeply discounted orthopedic devices by forgoing expensive sales tactics. 
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10 Ways to Cut Surgery Center Costs Before 2012 Ends

Ten surgery center industry experts share their ideas to cut costs at ASC's before the end of the year.  Go to full story


Parcus Events

Visit us at the following trade shows and events: 

  • 2017 Metcalf/AANA Arthroscopy Meeting - The Final Run: February 23 - 26, 2017 - Snowbird, Utah
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2017 Annual Meeting: March 14 - 18, 2017 - San Diego, California - Booth #4514

Product Highlights

Draw Tight Deployable Suture Based Anchor

Parcus is pleased to announce the release of the Draw Tight Family of Deployable Suture Based Anchors in two sizes 1.8mm Single-Loaded and 3.2mm Double-Loaded.  The Draw Tight anchors feature the Parcus PEEK Power Tip that improves insertion and provides a solid core for stronger fixation.  Additionally, the Draw Tights feature a unique deployment suture that provides tactile feedback of positive fixation. Learn more.

Twist PEEK Suture Anchors

Unveiled at the AANA 2012 Annual Meeting -  Twist PEEK suture anchors - in various sizes including the 4.5 threaded anchor that addresses bone preservation concerns in the proximal humerus.

45 Knotless Now Available!

The much anticipated Parcus 45 PEEK CF Knotless Push-In Suture Anchors have the size and proven performance to be used in conjunction with multiple rotator cuff repair applications. 

Titanium Suture Anchor Product Line Expansion

MiTi Titanium Suture Anchors, MiTi XL Extended Shaft Suture Anchors, 5.0mm and 6.5mm V-LoX™ Titanium Suture Anchors with needles show our commitment to innovation, at prices that help your bottom line.  We look forward to introducing many more cost-effective products in the very near future!



Parcus News & Product Releases

November 2016 - Release of Hip Length 28 Knotless Suture Anchor and related instruments.

April 2016 - Unveiling of the 3.2mm Draw Tight - Double Loaded (Blue, Blue/Blue).

March 2016 - Addition of the Parcus Suture Tape and Infinity Loop #5 /needle to the Parcus Braid™ Suture product line.

March 2016 - Further expansion of the Graft Fixation Family with the launch of the GFS Naked.

August 2015 - Expansion of the Graft Fixation Family with the addition of the GFS II and GFS Mini.

July 2015- Release of the 5.5mm and 6.5mm PEEK V-LoX w/Needles.

March 2015 - Further expansion of the Knotless PEEK CF family, Launch of the 28 Knotless PEEK CF.

January 2015 - Release of the 55 Knotless PEEK CF.

July 2012 - Unveiling of the new MiTi XL Extended Shaft Titanium Suture Anchors. Compatible with the Parcus Drill Guide System, the MiTi XL is ideal for SLAP and Bankart repair.

May 2012 - Parcus introduces the Twist PEEK Suture Anchor - becoming the only manufacturer to offer designs in both the Natural and Carbon Fiber PEEK Optima® reinforced polymers from Invibio.   Also released are Reusable Unsterile Drill Bits including variations with 'positive stop'.

April 2012 - Release of the 6.5mm Titanium Suture Anchor with Needles and the 2.5mm MiTi Titanium Suture Anchor with one #2 Parcus Braid

April 2012 - Parcus Pin Pack 11 and Parcus Pin Pack 15 released.  Also Tibial (bone) Plugs, including cannulated version, and the new Parcus Traction Unit.

February 2012 45 Knotless PEEK CF Push-In suture anchors with both Single Use Sterile or Reusable Unsterile drivers. Also, a new Reusable Unsterile Driver for the 35 Knotless PEEK CF push-in anchors, all unveiled at the AAOS Annual Meeting.

February 2012 Parcus Infinity Loop and  Parcus Switching Stick introduced.

November 2011
- 3.5mm MiTi added to the MiTi titanium line of suture anchors.

November 2011 - Parcus Suture Passer added to the Suture Anchor Instrumentation family.

October 2011 - The 5.0mm V-LoX™ Titanium Suture Anchor is now available with needles.

October 2011 - Parcus Braid™ Suture line is enhanced with new Two Braid option.  Braid includes one #2 White/Black and one White/Blue without needles.

August 2011 - The introduction of the 2.0mm and 2.5mm MiTi Titanium Suture Anchors are announced.

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