PEEK CF Interference ScrewsPEEK CF Interference Screws

The polymer used in our PEEK CF Interference Screws is twice as strong as the Natural PEEK used by other manufacturers and has mechanical characteristics much closer to cortical bone than either PLLA or Titanium.


  • Stronger than PLLA and Bio-composites
  • Less likely to elicit foreign body reaction
  • Radiolucent with less imaging artifact
  • Use in both intra- & extra-capsular ligament reconstruction

Directions for Use
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PEEK CF Interference Screws - Available Sizes

PEEK CF Interference Screws
Part # Size Part # Size
10021 7mm x 20mm 10032 9mm x 35mm
10022 7mm x 25mm 10034 10mm x 25mm
10023 7mm x 30mm 10035 10mm x 30mm
10024 7mm x 35mm 10036 10mm x 35mm
10025 8mm x 20mm 10166 11mm x 25mm
10026 8mm x 25mm 10167 11mm x 30mm
10027 8mm x 30mm 10168 11mm x 35mm
10028 8mm x 35mm 10038 12mm x 25mm
10029 9mm x 20mm 10039 12mm x 30mm
10030 9mm x 25mm 10040 12mm x 35mm
10031 9mm x 30mm    
Threaded Dilator
Part # Item Description
10372 Interference Screw Threaded Dilator (with 1.5mm cannulation)

Parcus PEEK CF Interference Screw Driver

Screw Driver

PEEK CF Screw Drivers
Part # Item Description
10042 PEEK CF IF Screw Driver Shaft (Hudson)
10275 PEEK CF IF Screw Driver w/ Handle
With 1.5mm Cannulation For use with PEEK CF Interference Screws

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