Our History

Our founding partners have a combined industry experience of over 100 years. They have played instrumental roles in sales and sales management, marketing, product development and manufacturing for the market leading companies in the sports medicine specialty. Many of the products that are considered indispensible in the surgical armamentarium of today’s arthroscopic specialists are protected by patents that list the names of our founders.

Several years ago, our team recognized that the delivery of healthcare would necessitate that a new balance be struck between innovation, cost and delivery of products that help maintain the active lifestyles of so many patients. Any new venture would have to be predicated upon a tireless devotion to producing quality products, within the constraints of today’s cost conscious environment. The new company would have to have a lust for innovation and creativity but be mindful of the need for efficiency and flexibility. These attributes would not only have to apply to the products it would create but also to the relationships it would develop with healthcare providers.

And so, Parcus, the Latin word for economical, was born from that vision. At Parcus, Surgical Innovation is Customer Driven.