About Us


Parcus Medical™, a subsidiary of Anika Therapeutics, Inc., is a sports medicine implant and instrumentation solutions provider focused on soft tissue fixation devices and instruments, based in Sarasota, Florida. For nearly 15 years, Parcus Medical has focused on the mission of creating innovative surgical product solutions that allow our healthcare partners to provide patient care without compromise. Our mission is aligned with orthopedic surgeons and health care facilities that need sports medicine products that perform to the highest standards and provide a genuine value proposition for their patients.

Guided by decades of combined experience, Parcus designs, manufactures, and distributes over 400 innovative products. Since our founding in 2007, our ever expanding product portfolio has continued to grow globally, and is now commercially available in over 60 countries.

In early 2020, Parcus Medical took the next growth step joining Anika Therapeutics [link to: https://www.anikatherapeutics.com/], a global, integrated joint preservation and regenerative therapies public company based in Bedford, Massachusetts. The addition of Parcus Medical’s product portfolio of soft tissue fixation devices and instruments creates a unique combination of product offerings in the joint preservation and restoration space.