GFS Ultimate

GFS Ultimate is a suspensory fixation device recommended for use in the fixation of ligament or tendon repairs. It combines the convenience of adjustability with the strength and stiffness of conventional fixed-length loop devices.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable loop (Max:60mm to Min:12mm)Simplifies surgical procedure

  • Eliminates the need to stock multiple sizes
  • Can be both tightened and loosened

Loop made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

  • High strength
  • Non-absorbable

Button made of 6AI-4V ELI titanium alloy

  • Provides the strength and stiffness required for successful ligament reconstruction

Designed to be used with various surgical techniques/instrumentation

  • Ideal for both transtibial and anterior medial approaches
  • Ideal for both outside-in instrumentation and reverse cutting tunnel instrumentation
  • Ideal for stepped femoral tunnels or a single diameter femoral tunnel